This blog is brought to you by the International Program of the Open Culture Foundation. Submissions are welcome at github!

About the Program

The International Program is community-organized, and works to bridge the local and global Free/Open Source and Culture communities. You can find us on the #intl channel of g0v slack. As of Q4 2015 we also fund English coverage about Taiwanese community events or projects. Please see the github repo for details.

About the Open Culture Foundation

The Open Culture Foundation (OCF) is based in Taiwan and is dedicated to supporting local open communities as their legal entity and advocates the use of open technologies in a broad variety of sectors. OCF also helps governments, enterprises, and NGOs recognize the advantages of Open Source Software, the importance of Open Data, and promotes the culture of open collaboration. In 2015, OCF supported local communities in implementing several large-scale hackathons and conferences, and worked with foreign missions and agencies such as the British Office Taipei, the American Institute in Taiwan, and The World Bank Group, to bridge the gap between local and international communities through discussions.

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